Here you can obtain images via our flickr page, sign-up to our e-learning platform to become a “Flanders Master” and find other useful information for organizing your trip to Flanders Fields. If you require further assistance, please contact the trade or press manager in your country.


There is a comprehensive range of images suitable for promoting Flanders Fields available to download from the Visit Flanders Flickr page. Please mention the copyright mentioned next to the Flickr image.


De Boeck Incoming & Events
+32 2 274 23 80
De Boeck organises tours with its own guides and buses to Flanders Fields.

Focus Flanders
+ 32 9 269 90 62
Focus Flanders offers multi-day tours that focus on the Canadian, Australian, or Irish in-volvment in WWI.


+32 56 71 61 13
ABBtravel organises travel programs for Canadians in Flanders.

Use Flanders Fields logo

The 2014-18 Flanders Fields poppy logo is available for use by international trade and press. Get in touch with your local VISITFLANDERS contact for terms of use and to obtain an application form.


Sign-up to our e-learning platform to learn to know Flanders Fields and Flanders and become a “Flanders Master”. 

Info packs

We publish several times a year info packs about a WWI topic. Have a look at our most recent info pack.

Contact information

Austria, Slovakia & Switzerland

TRADE: Alexandra Raab Frostl
PRESS: Susanne Gosh


TRADE: Janice Ruddock 
PRESS: Corinne MacLellan


TRADE & PRESS: Zhang Lihui 


TRADE: Anthony Forest 
PRESS: Pascale Kotlarski Schuddings


TRADE: Britta Weidemann 
PRESS: Christopher Philipp 


TRADE & PRESS: Dheera Majumder 


TRADE: Mayra Caroppo 
PRESS: Irene Ghezzi


TRADE & PRESS: Director Miako Sudo


TRADE & PRESS: Pedro Waeghe 


TRADE & PRESS: Lynn Dauwe


TRADE: Judith Sala
PRESS: Angeles Alonso-Misol 

The Netherlands

TRADE: Joke Nivelle & Ingrid Bokma 
PRESS: Edith Andriesse & Natalie Siereveld 

United Kingdom & Ireland

TRADE: Lisa Thomas
PRESS: Anita Rampall 
GREAT WAR: Karen Roebuck 


TRADE: Marco Frank
PRESS: Marcos Stupenengo 

Australia & New Zealand

TRADE: Sonia Holt
PRESS: Sarah Stevenson

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