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Since Flanders is about the size of Connecticut, it's no surprise that it's an easy place to travel around. Getting to Flanders is easy. Brussels is the heart of Europe and has many flight and train connections. Big European cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin are closeby. All of our cities are really close to each other and accessible by train or car. English is widely spoken and Flemish people are always ready to help out!

By Air

Brussels National Airport is Belgium's main international airport.
Train shuttle service is located on the lower level of Brussels International Airport and connects to the city of Brussels in 20 minutes and to Antwerp in 35 minutes. Buy your ticket before getting on the train to avoid a surcharge fee.
Busses are located on level 0. Every hour the Brussels Airport - Antwerp Express takes you to the city center of Antwerp in 45 minutes.
On weekdays and Saturdays the first departure is at 5:00 am, the last departure at 12 midnight. On Sundays the first departure is at 7:00 am and the last at 12 midnight.
Taxi service is available from the airport to the city center and costs approximately $50. Taxis are available 24 hours. Discount round-trip rates are available.

Airlines flying into Belgium

Air Canada
Brussels Airlines
Delta Airlines
Jet Airways
United Airlines
US Airways

If you are flying in from London, Paris or Amsterdam the city center of Brussels is less than two hours away by train.

By Train

International Connections

In the US, contact Rail Europe for more information on international train services.


The Eurostar train links London and Brussels in 1h51 minutes. Trains depart/arrive at the Brussels South Station (Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid) and depart/arrive at the London St. Pancras International Terminal . Up to 9 daily departures.
Reserve your Eurostar seat in advance: Rail Europe or B-Europe.


The Thalys train links Paris and Brussels in 85 minutes. There are 25 Thalys trains departing daily. Trains depart/arrive at the Brussels South Station (Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid) and depart/arrive at the Paris North Station (Paris Nord) or at the Charles De Gaulle Airport.


The Thalys also links Brussels to Amsterdam in 1h52 minutes.
Reserve your Thalys seat in advance: Rail Europe or B-Europe

Domestic Train Travel

Seat reservations are not available on Belgian trains (except for groups). The first train leaves at approximately 5:00 am and the last one departs at approximately 11:00 pm.
For amenities, visit: B-Rail

The Belgian Rail offers different specials and passes. Find out here what the right ticket is for you.

By (your own) car, bus or camper

To the Low Emission Zone in Antwerp

As from February 1, 2017, Antwerp installs a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Among others, cars, busses and campers must meet certain conditions regarding their emissions to be allowed inside the zone (not applicable for mopeds and motorcycles). Especially fuel, the Euro standard and the presence or absence of a particular filter will determine whether your vehicle is allowed (or not) in the zone.

More information about the Low Emission Zone in Antwerp:

E-mail: info@slimnaarantwerpen.be
Phone: +32 3 22 11 333

Ghent also plans to install a LEZ as from Januari 1, 2020. Other cities and municipalities in Flanders will follow. By limiting access to heavily polluting vehicles in those areas, the air quality will improve. All for the benefit of our health.

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