On the Kompas camper ground only motorhomes are accepted. Each pitch has a surface of 9 by 4.5 meters, is equipped with an electricity connection (10 A) and is hardened with grass blocks. The sanistation where you can evacuate drain water and fill up fresh water, is situated at the entrance of the camper ground. The container park with separate containers for glass, paper and non-recyclable waste is also situated there. Access to the Kompas camper ground is possible the whole year. Via a ticket machine you buy a ticket valid for 20 or 44 hours which gives you access to the camper ground. It is unique for the Kompas camper ground that there are no restrictions on leaving and entering the ground. Please note that a reservation cannot be made in advance.


Strandjuttersdreef z/n
8434 Westende


+32 58 22 30 25

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