Great Breweries Marathon

On Sunday 5 June 2016, Golazo sports will organise the first edition of the Great Breweries Marathon, the first walking and running event built around Belgium's rich beer culture.

Being Belgian, we are proud of our rich and varied range of quality beers. Sooner rather than later this heritage had to become the centrepiece of a marathon. Together with Belgian's well-known Great Breweries - Duvel Moortgat, PALM Belgian Craft Brewers and Bosteels Brewery – Golazo sports offers runners and walking enthusiasts a challenging, sportive discovery!

High entertainment value

Great Breweries Marathon - 25km - Visit Flanders - Belgian Beer

“About a year and a half ago Michel Moortgat, the CEO of Duvel Moortgat Brewery, came to us with the idea to organise an immersive marathon around beer tourism. A brilliant idea, which perfectly fits into our portfolio of immersion events”, says Golazo's Christophe Impens.

“We jointly developed the idea and involved two other partners: Bosteels Brewery of Buggenhout and PALM Belgian Craft Brewers from Steenhuffel. We were on the same page right away. We're absolutely not looking to create a drinking marathon, but we want to offer the participants a unique running or walking experience with great beers, breweries and their heritage, surrounded by beautiful nature.”

The great breweries

Brewery Bosteels - VisitFlanders - Belgian Beers

“By organising the Great Breweries Marathon we want to show that moderate consumption of beer fits perfectly into a healthy, active lifestyle”, explains Michel Moortgat, CEO of Duvel Moortgat Brewery.

Antoine Bosteels, executive director of Bosteels Brewery, agrees: “The GBM gives running and walking enthusiasts the opportunity to discover the character and taste of our unique beers, brewed with respect for tradition, but with a view to a sparkling future.”

"Our objective is to let the consumer discover and experience our expertise. We are looking forward to welcome many runners and walking fans in Brewery PALM and DE HOORN!” says Peter Buelens, PR & Marketing Manager of PALM Belgian Craft Brewers.

Unique region, unique locations

Brewery Duvel Moortgat - VisitFlanders - Belgian Beers

The start will take place at Duvel Moortgat Brewery in Puurs. Participants will cross the beautiful, rural area where the regions of the Dender, Pajottenland and Klein-Brabant meet. The course then takes them to the forests of Lippelo and Buggenhout as well as to picturesque heritage sites like Diepensteyn Castle and Hof te Melis. At the degustation points of PALM Belgian Craft Brewers and Bosteels Brewery, participants can replenish their resources and get a taste of the meticulously crafted delicacies of these Belgian brewers. The finish is located at Duvel Moortgat brewery, where all participants receive a luxurious beer pack with beers by Duvel Moortgat, PALM Belgian Craft Brewers and Bosteels.
The first edition hosts four different disciplines:

  • Great Breweries Marathon 
  • Great Breweries Half Marathon 
  • Great Breweries Marathon Walk (42 km)
  • Great Breweries Half Marathon Walk (21 km) 

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In the rich history of family-owned company Duvel Moortgat, quality, expertise and a pioneer's spirit are key. It wants to offer top quality products so the consumer can enjoy its beers in optimal conditions, anytime and anywhere. Duvel Moortgat is focused on consistency: from the product planning phase, the meticulous selection of ingredients, the unique brewing process to its customer service. The world famous Duvel, but also LaChouffe, Vedett, Liefmans, De Koninck, Maredsous, and the American beers of Brewery Ommegang, Boulevard and Firestone Walker are the proof of its values.


Belgian family brewery PALM Belgian Craft Brewers holds a unique position in the beer landscape. It is the world's only group of brewers crafting authentic Belgian beers using the four ancient yeast processes. High, medium, spontaneous and low yeasts are used in four specialised, historic Belgian breweries:
  • PALM Brewery in Steenhuffel,
  • RODENBACH Brewery in Roeselare,
  • BOON Brewery in Lembeek,
  • DE HOORN Brewery in Steenhuffel.


Since its foundation in 1791, Bosteels Brewery has been continuously brewing beer at the same site for 224 years. At the moment, the brewery is lead by the seventh generation. Bosteels Brewery is internationally renowned because of its three specialty beers, each with a unique character:
  • Pauwel Kwak: the historic amber ale, preferably tasted in its unique Kwak glass designed for 19th century coachmen.
  • Tripel Karmeliet:  the historic, three-grain beer brewed according to the Karmeliet tradition using  wheat, oats and barley.
  • DeuS Brut des Flandres:  Divine “grain bubbles”: a beautiful symbiosis between brewing beer and creating a sparkling wine. 


Golazo wants to make everyone exercise by organising over 250 sports events in Belgium and abroad. Through its Energy Lab, Golazo also provides sports coaching and advice on nutrition. Golazo also wants sports fans to enjoy top-level sports, manages several professional athletes and provides brands and governments with a range of options to profile themselves through sports.

Golazo offers 24 years of experience and currently organises over 70 running events in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy. In 2016 over 500,000 running enthusiasts will take part in one or several of its events.

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