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In the Cistercian and Trappist abbeys, life passes by at a much slower pace: the monks have been following the Rule of Saint Benedict for centuries ‘ora et labora’ (pray and work). They sell traditionally crafted products - among which Trappist beer is the most popular - in order to provide to their own material needs as well as for social works. 

Thanks to the web platform ‘Tastes of Abbeys’, you will enter in another universe, where you can relax and where you can taste and discover the life around Trappist monasteries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

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Taste a new travel experience!

Hiking and cycling tours to discover the local history and traditions. You can easily download most route instructions from our website.

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Taste and share traditional products

Beer, cheese and other products, crafted by the monks. The website lists the places where you can drink Trappist beer.

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Taste of nature

A meeting with nature in the neighborhood of the abbey. You can find a list of accommodation on our website.

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