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A combination of centuries’ old knowledge and tradition alongside innovation, immense creativity and a passion for brewing beers of exceptional flavour, in a myriad of different and unique styles, makes Belgium the ultimate beer destination.

Five things not to miss as part of your Belgian Beer Experience in Flanders

Leuven Beer Weekend

Leuven is definitely The Place to Be(er), and especially so during the springtime. During the last weekend of April, a huge festival hits the city, alongside breweries opening their doors to visitors, thematic walks, special menus in restaurants, all with just one central theme: Belgian beer. Leuven Beer Weekend is the start of a fantastic ‘beer month’ in the city and region.

On Your Bike!

The Flemish Ardennes is surely the best place to experience great beers and great cycling. This beautiful region, home to many of the Spring Classics such as the Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) also boasts a rich beer tradition too. Plan Beer, a map with beer walks and bike tours, is a great tool to create your perfect trip. Ready to go?

Hop it!

Poperinge, a small town in West Flanders, has long since been the centre for hop-growing in Belgium. The city’s Hop Museum tells the stories and secrets of the plant that gives unique flavours to the beers we enjoy, whilst in ‘t Hoppecruyt you can see the hops growing for real. Not surprisingly, this area is also home to many breweries, including Westvleteren, Struise Brouwers and Sint Bernardus.

Barrel Cathedral

The legendary Rodenbach, once described as “the most refreshing beer in the world”, is a Flemish Red-Brown ale, matured in oak casks. This gives the beer a unique flavour, and in the brewery’s maltkiln in Roeselare, there are no fewer than 294 of these vast casks. The sight of this ‘cathedral’, together with the taste of the beer, cannot fail to leave you with a lasting impression!

Be spontaneous!

Of all the diverse Belgian beers, no style is more extraordinary than Lambic. It’s the world’s oldest known beer style, where the yeast used to ferment the beers enters spontaneously from the environment around the brewery. A visit to the Lambic Visitor Centre in Alsemberg will immerse you in the stories of these miracle creations – and set you up for a voyage of discovery of these unique beers around Brussels and Pajottenland.

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