Hof ten Dormaal beertruffle

Of course it would be logical to bring “beer” and “chocolate” together because they are both typical, traditional Belgian products. But then we ignore the undeniable magic that connects these two authentic products!


To start with,beer and chocolate have a completely different origin and it lasted many years before they met each other in Belgium. Chocolate comes from “Xocolatl”, a bitter chocolate drink that was drunk by the Aztec and Maya around 1400 BC. Of beer we find the first traces back to the Sumerians (in Mesopotamia) from 6000 BC.

Beer and chocolate have a lot in common, especially their complexity. A complexity that not only reflected in their subtle aromas, but also in their production process that spans many phases, such as harvesting of the basic raw materials, crushing, yeasts, drying, burning, grinding, rolling, brewing and conching. Indispensable processes that create a unique diversity of flavors and aromas.

We can combine beer and chocolate in different ways: In its raw form: in this case, you first completely melt the chocolate in the mouth so it covered the whole palate. This allows a optimum aroma release of the chocolate as it comes into contact with the first sip of beer. In the form of syrups, desserts, mousses, cakes and other dishes that will bypass the difficult melt of chocolate if it comes into contact with the cold beer.

“Antoine by Patrick Aubrion” chose to create a delicious Hof ten Dormaal beertruffle that contains all these complexities of chocolate and beer together . The choice to handle the beers from “Hof ten Dormaal” was quickly decided. Hof ten Dormaal is first and foremost a family story from Tildonk, Leuven, Leuven is also the home of chocolaterie “Antoine by Patrick Aubrion”. Tildonk, a region that was mainly known for chicory grown, on their beautiful farm, the family Janssens ,mainly grow cereals and cattle. With the start-up of the brewery, the family now also specialises in the cultivation of beer barley. All the barley necessary for the production of their beer comes from these best selection of the own beer barley cultivation. Since 2010, there is also a first hopplantage planted, this to provide also the necessary hop itself. They don’t use only hops and barley that they grow themselves to brew, they also get a part of the needed energy for cooking, cooling and bottling of the beer from own rape seed cultivation. They also handle all barley products, rapeseed cake and trot to feed their farm animals.

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