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Handmade miniature pralines, gastronomic flavour combinations and a professional celebration of chocolate: a tribute to our women chocolatiers.

Women and chocolate

Once you've tried high-quality Belgian chocolate you'll never be the same again. Let it melt on your tongue and enjoy its effect: the core of your pleasure centre is hit by a complex, sweetly sensual arrow that continues to reverberate for minutes afterwards. It's recently discovered that this isn't just a metaphor - it has also been scientifically proven by scans that light up areas of the brain. Women are apparently particularly sensitive to the intoxicating effect of chocolate. Chocolate doesn't just taste really nice, it also contains magnesium and stimulating substances which significantly improve your mood. It's, therefore, no wonder that there are more and more women chocolatiers in Belgium.

Turrets of chocolates  - © J. Almblad

The call of chocolate

Ghent chocolatier Hilde Devolder is a prime example of this. A few years ago she waved goodbye to her office job and follewed the call of chocolate. Her slogan? I love chocolate, I love art, I love beauty. With her extraordinary talent, she knows instinctively how to make the most critical of customers go into raptures with her exquisite, finely-flavoured chocolates. in her small factory in Ghent, she makes her delightful pralines exclusively from the highest quality chocolate and always uses organic ingredients for the fllings. By the way, Hilde specialises in handmade miniature pralines that are three times smaller than ordinary pralines. So you can taste and enjoy three times as many!

Woman and chocolate - © Joost Arijs Chocolate

Award-winning creations

Another star of the Flemish chocolate scene is Julie Vanborm. This trained chef focussed more and more on desserts before ending up as a chocolatier and co-manager of De Zwarte Vos, the business of Belgian Chocolate Ambassador Bart Van Cauwenberghe. She has taken part in many international competitions and in 2015 she won the award for best Belgan praline at the Chocolaterie Awards in Bruges. She won this award for the creation of her 'thorn' praline, a gastronomic jewel based on buckthorn berries, rosemary, coconut, Speculoos, coffee, Brésilienne and cinnamon.

Woman and chocolate - De Zwarte Vos

Try it yourself?

Anyone who wants to have a go at chocolate making can visit Mieke Cassiers, who runs the Chocola-Tuti workshop in Kampenhout (9 km out of Leuven). This passionate chocolatista spent years studying the art of chocolate-making in Antwerp and has completed lots of internships in Belgium and abroad. She started out in the events sector, but soon focussed on her first love: chocolate. Mieke turned out to be a born teacher and today she is the person to go for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the magnificent world of Belgian chocolate.

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