Yuzu Chocolatier Ghent

Are you curious to try pralines with surprising new flavours? Then the Ghent based chocolate boutique Yuzu is where you should head on your next trip across the Channel.

Chocolate boutique Yuzu

Yuzu Chocolates - © Mattdork - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

With his minimalist approach to chocolate, renowned chocolatier Nicolas Vanaise creates heavenly pralines combined with a cornucopia of unique ingredients. These include, amongst others, authentic Ghent local products like Tierenteyn mustard, Ganda ham and the city’s elderflower-based signature aperitif Roomer. His endless innovation with chocolate doesn’t end there though. He once made a Valentine’s collection with masculine fillings like Havana cigars and red wine, while the female pralines were filled with rich tastes of jasmine and passionflower. Nicolas’ chocolate art works are so popular that he opened a second shop in Tokyo.

If you’re ready for this new chocolate sensation or just feel like relaxing with a nice cup of Japan’s finest teas, pay a visit to the remarkable Yuzu chocolatier in the Walpoortstraat in Ghent. Find out more here.

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