Delightful Flanders in the autumn


As the sun nestles ever closer to the horizon, Autumn casts a new light on Flanders and its many treasures. This autumn, experience the joy of pleasant walks, culinary highlights, cycling heritage, our iconic beers and a special Flemish Master. A guaranteed sensation for all your senses.


A breath of fresh air in the Flemish landscape

The leaves change their colour and release their grip on the trees: autumn is here. There is no better time to take a stroll through splendid forests and woods of Flanders. The possibilities are endless. Brave the steep slopes in the Kluisbos in the Flemish Ardennes, explore the historic Sonian Forest, with its ancient trees, or visit the Meise Botanic Garden  just outside Brussels. Be sure to take advantage of the thematic autumn walk. This wends its way along the best of the culinary garden, colourful leaves, chestnuts and a multitude of mushrooms. Do you like to add an artistic touch to your walks? Then Art on the Meuse is for you: a selection of art, design and architecture along the extended banks of the Meuse Valley. Or would you rather take an invigorating walk by the North Sea? This impressive Grand Route Path will lead you for more than 100 kilometres along all the gems of the Flemish coast.


Autumn on your plate

Beer, chocolate and chips. Our Flemish culinary gems are world famous. Rightly so, although chicory deserves to be on that list as well. It is one of those underdogs that tends to be overlooked. If you really want to get to know this delicacy, take the classic route: chicory rolled in ham with a wonderful rich cheese sauce. The timing couldn't be better as chicory season starts in October. Enjoy that slightly bitter deliciousness and discover the journey that chicory takes, from the soil to your plate. The shrimp croquette is another addition to this culinary opulence. A crispy crust with a creamy filling, bursting with fresh, grey shrimps: simple, but unrivalled. Flanders' love for this delicacy is celebrated year after year at the grand Shrimp Croquette Festival in Ostend.


Immerse yourself in the Flemish cycling atmosphere

Flanders is the birthplace of cycling. Spring is always marked by the renowned spring road racing classics. But the pedals continue to spin as the days grow shorter. That is when the riders seek out other battlegrounds, from fast-paced cycling tracks to muddy fields. The Ghent Six Days is a classic from the first category. Visit indoor cycling circuit het Kuipke for a unique combination of top-class sport and unpretentious folklore. We also find this same blend in cyclo-cross. The gladiators of the field battle against each other and the weather gods, on an unpaved and natural course. Races like the Druivencross   and the Koppenbergcross are highlights every year, in terms of both sport and atmosphere. Discover these and many other cyclo-cross events in the Cycling in Flanders calendar.

Dodengang Diksmuide

Flemish Fields: places of remembrance

The First World War permanently changed the Westhoek. Some of the Great War’s bloodiest battles took place there. One million soldiers died, were wounded or went missing. On 11 November, we commemorate the armistice. Landscapes / Feel Flanders Fields gives this remembrance another cachet this year. This theme year tells the stories of hundreds of former battlefields, cemeteries and monuments in this special region. The For Evermore exhibition reveals the stories behind the military cemeteries in the Westhoek. A Last Salute leads you through the history of the German soldiers in the Westhoek with the help of augmented reality. Modderland highlights the war chronicles with surprising musical-artistic cycling tours through the Heuvelland. That and much more to underline one message: never again war.


New Horizons, a city festival for Dieric Bouts

This autumn, art city Leuven celebrates its very own Dieric Bouts (approx. 1415 - 1475). This celebrated painter is forever at home in this city. After more than five centuries, he returns for the city festivalNew Horizons. This takes us into the universe of this extraordinary painter. New Horizons seeks out the traces that Bouts left in the city, examines how innovative he was and the impact he still has on art, culture and science today. All this in a wide range of activities: a 4D music festival, ground-breaking performances, exhibitions, club nights and, as a highlight, the top exhibition Dieric Bouts. Image maker in M Leuven. A perfect opportunity to get to learn about this giant of the arts.

De Beurs

Cheers to Belgian beer culture

Heritage comes in different shapes, colours and sizes. Sometimes it is even liquid. In small but plucky Belgium, you can find more than 3,000 unique beers. This unparalleled beer culture made it to the UNESCO list of cultural intangible heritage, something to be proud of. Belgian Beer World unveils all the stories of this extraordinary piece of heritage. This brand new interactive centre only opened in September in the Brussels Stock Exchange building. A new headquarters to express our love for beer. Cheers!

Autumn once again has a lot to offer. But Flanders' sumptuous offerings do not stop once all the leaves have fallen. Here is a sneak preview of our winter plans. Mid-December sees the start of Ensor 2024 in Ostend, Antwerp and Brussels, a sparkling theme year dedicated to art pioneer James Ensor.

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