Hannah from Munich (Germany)

Hannah from Munich, Germany looks over the canal as the evening mist ascends. The fading colours of the day and the still water create a mystical atmosphere at Ramparts Cemetery in Ypres.

Hannah from Munich (Germany)

“The thought that, 100 years ago, soldiers stood at the exact same spot surrounded by the horrors of the war sends shivers down my spine,” Hannah says. 

Hannah has travelled to Flanders Fields with her friend Klaus. They have brought their bikes along. “This is the best way to discover the region and travel off the beaten track. There is so much to see and biking is a great way to slow down. We can stop whenever we see something intriguing –no matter if it is an isolated cemetery or a cosy inn,” Hannah explains.
Hannah’s favourite discoveries so far were the serene Pool of Peace and the Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery: “It is the quiet remote places that seem to evoke history and memory,“ she adds smilingly.

I try to imagine what it must have been like to hear the constant rumble of the artillery and to fear for one’s life but I just cannot

pool of peace

Erich Maria Remarque’s book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ about a young German soldier who is stationed along the Western frontline during the Great War, has inspired Hannah to travel to Flanders Fields for a long weekend and discover the area first-hand.

“You have to understand the past to understand the present,” Hannah explains her motivation. “It’s the people and their stories that count and that we should remember. All soldiers, from all sides, had dreams and hopes that deserve our respect,” Hannah says, resting her hand on the white headstone in front of her.

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