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Jamie Feldmar

  • Job: I'm currently the Senior Editor at Tasting Table. I'm a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, copywriter and consultant specializing in food, travel and culture for print and online publications.
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After a lifetime spent eating American-style french fries, a first taste of Belgian-style frites is a transformative experience.
Belgium does it better fries © Helen Rosner
Growing up in suburban Chicago in the 1960s, my father was a fanatically picky eater. Macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, and McDonald's cheeseburgers with zero accouterments—those were his staples. No vegetables passed his lips, except for one: french fries. ("Dipped in ketchup only, or sometimes a vanilla milkshake," he clarifies.)

In recent years, Dad's palate has expanded a bit: broccoli, white fish, and burgers with fancy toppings all have their place in his gastronomic repertoire. But his biggest step forward is still firmly tied to the picky habits of years past: today, my dad is a Belgian frites freak. Dad says: "Belgium does it better"

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