Dinner at the Vine - (c) @atel-j

Wherever you go in Flanders, you never need to wander around hungry.
Our restaurants and brasseries offer something for everyone. If you don't feel like eating indoors then why not try one in open air? Our region boasts many unique eateries in the heart of nature, where you can enjoy delicious food in a wonderful green setting... twice the pleasure!


When you think of Flanders, you think of fine food and cultural heritage. You will find an ideal combination in the 'Emperor City' Herentals, where you can enjoy a BubbleBQ at the beautiful 'Oud Gasthuis' heritage site. A hidden gem in the city of Herentals, the capital of Kempen. You can feast in the open air on what the former European BBQ champions De Smaakmakers conjure up on your plate. That is true summer enjoyment.

Bubble BBQ - (c) Kris Van De Sande

Among the grapes

Gourmets lovers can also visit the Rhode Vineyard, 10 kilometers from Ghent, where the Dinner at the Vineyard concept provides a stylish outdoor experience. And it's not just what appears on your plate that is exceptional. The setting is special too, because you practically dine among the vines. Aficionados can also sample the estate's white wines and rock-and-roll dishes. Let's raise a glass to that!

Dinner at the Vineyard - (c) @atel-j

On the water

Certainly in the summer, water attracts. It provides cooling when the temperatures rise, it offers lots of fun on the water and it is the ideal backdrop for enjoying delicious meals. Just imagine: you and your friends drifting across the lake as you dine on delicious food while enjoying a unique view from the water. You can do that at Dinner On The Lake in Averbode, mainly known for the Abbey of Averbode dating from 1134, but also now for its excellent food. Chefs also give live cookery sessions with the calming sound of gently lapping water in the background.

Dinner on the Lake

In the woods

Averbode has even more culinary nature experiences for you, because at Bistro De Vijvers you can dine in De Merode nature area,at the intersection of the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant. Discover the rich noble and literary history that this nature reserve brings with it. Bistro De Vijvers is adjacent to the Vijvers estate, a magnificent green oasis around a natural lake. You can enjoy a stroll through the estate before or after your meal.

De Vijvers - (c) Eva Verbeeck

The birds and the bees

Where would we be without bees? Not only do they ensure that pollen finds its way to vegetables, fruit and flowers, but they also produce delicious honey, often referred to as the 'nectar of the gods'. Purfruit from the West Flemish village of Dentergem found inspiration from them for their 'Dinner With The Queen' experience. As you enjoy your aperitif, beekeeper Ronny will tell you all about those busy bees. Farmer Bart then guides you through the picking meadows and gives you some of the history of his fruit vines. And Lieven Lootens, the best culinary flower chef in the Benelux, creates unique flavour palettes on your plate, especially with floral and honey tones. Delicious food in nature and learning something new at the same time - what a great combination!

Dinner with the Queen

In the conservatory

Our top Flemish chefs love innovative concepts. In the summer of 2021, this inspired a unique pop-up restaurant 'Serre' near Ghent at Van Ooidonk Castle where you could enjoy a six-course menu in the fairytale setting of the castle garden. This proved such a success that Serre will be repeated this autumn in Brussels on the roof of the Royal Library where several top chefs will once again be demonstrating their culinary skills. It will undoubtedly prove to be an unforgettable experience.

Is your mouth watering? As the world returns to international travel, we look forward to welcoming you again. Our professionals will enjoy spoiling you.
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