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In view of the COVID-19-situation, specific safety measures and additional restrictions are currently in place across Belgium. You will find more detailed information on following website. For the latest travel advice to our country, please consult your local authorities.

If you are travelling to Flanders, Brussels or elsewhere in Belgium for a duration of 48 hours or more, you will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form, within the 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium. 

Take good care of yourself and each other and keep it safe and healthy.  

We hope to welcome you again soon, with twice the heart, love and hospitality. 

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Belgian Beer Battle - (c) Farmboy/Jan op de Kamp

Churches and cathedrals, artistic masterpieces and our unparalleled beer culture...Flanders has plenty of treasures that are famous the world over. However, there is so much more to enjoy aside from this illustrious heritage. Discover it on these five unique tours.

Stunning statues

Flanders has a long Christian tradition. Our centuries-old cathedrals, churches and monasteries are proof of that. However, there are other traces of this past to be found across Flanders in the form of the Virgin Mary statues. This unique tour through historic Antwerp reveals well-known and well-hidden examples of these statues, each with their own individual story. You can cross off each type of statue you find on a special bingo card. Because, in Antwerp, finding Virgin Mary statues is just like playing Pokémon: gotta catch 'em all!

Mariatoer - (c) Kris Jacobs

Modern-day masters

Without our Flemish Masters - Bruegel, Rubens and Van Eyck - the art world would look totally different. These legends continue to inspire today. Their legacy is carried on by a new generation of artists, such as the world-class street artists Roa and Bué The Warrior. In Ostend, you can explore the very best of street art. The Crystal Ship has turned this seaside town into the largest open-air gallery in the country. Discover over fifty unique masterpieces on one of the weekly guided tours or stroll around and let fate determine the path you take.

Crystal Ship - (c) Crystal Ship - Ian Cox

Urban jungle

Stylish Antwerp is famous for its Master, Peter Paul Rubens, and its Baroque and Gothic architecture. But the city also has beauty in unexpected places. To prove that, city guide Natacha from Slow Travel Antwerp will lead the way to the north of city - the old port. She will take you to see the MAS museum, the beautiful Port House and lots of other new developments. Natacha will show you a new and wonderful world of concrete. An exceptional environment with a unique aesthetic. Explore the urban jungle!

The Port House - Havenhuis - Havenbedrijf Antwerpen - (c) Visit Antwerp

Unique Brussels

Say Brussels, and the Manneken Pis, the Grand Place and the Atomium come to mind. But the capital of Europe has so much more to offer. Discover it all on one of the unique tours by Bazaar Trottoir. In various themed tours, they will take you to visit the most remarkable female entrepreneurs in the city, to sustainable initiatives, unique beer locations or the best small shops in the city. There's someting for everyone!

Bazaar Trottoir - (c) Visit Flanders - Pieter Heremans

Musical landmarks

What do the football stadium classic 'Eviva España', dance masterpiece 'Pump up the Jam' and faux-punk milestone 'Ça plane pour moi' have in common? You got it! They were all made by Belgians. Discover more about our extraordinary pop music history. The unique cycling and walking tours by Belpop Bonanza guide you to recording studios, concert halls and other musical landmarks, set among a backdrop of beautiful rolling hills. Download one of the dozens of cycling and walking tours near you and explore the great outdoors. (site in Flemish but downloadable maps of various locations)

Belpop Bonanza - (c) Stad Gent

Flanders is so much more than its most famous heritage. The Virgin Mary statues, street art, musical walking and cycling tours, the urban jungle of Antwerp, and the lesser known treasures of the capital of Europe: there are so many hidden gems to discover. Enjoy!

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