The stories of Flanders

Flanders is a place of a million stories. Here you can find stories about our Arts, Heritage, Beer and Chocolate. Even Flanders Fields war stories.

Het James Ensorhuis ©Toerisme Oostende vzw - James Ensorhuis - Nick Decombel Fotografie
Arts & Heritage
A pioneer, an artistic great and a key figure in modern art history, James Ensor. The legacy of this modern master is spread across the whole world.
Rapper op Stap - HI Express 26
Arts & Heritage
Flemish Masters come Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens set the world ablaze in their respective time periods. home of heritage, a canvas for street art.
Beaufort © Westtoer
Arts & Heritage
In Flanders you don't have to choose between contemporary art and experience unspoilt nature. Flanders have them both.
Lommelse Sahara
Where to find Flanders’ hidden flower carpet or a mining site reclaimed by nature? Explore the best views of Flanders through the eyes of a photographer.
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Arts & Heritage
Flanders is virtually synonymous with the arts. Centuries ago, Flemish masters: Bruegel, Van Eyck, Rubens started the ball rolling and are celebrated in museums
National Park Hoge Kempen - (c) Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland vzw
12,000 hectares nature. From extensive pine forests to purple flowering heathland, from sandy dunes and large lakes to high peaks that give you a stunning view.