M Leuven © Dries Lievens
Arts & Heritage
Dieric Bouts is at home in Leuven. You can find this Flemish Primitive all over the world, but only in his home city of Leuven do you really get to know him.
Arts & Heritage
Flanders its many treasures. This autumn, taste the joy of pleasant walks, culinary highlights, cycling heritage, our iconic beers and a special Flemish Master.
Birra belga a Bruges
Belgian beer: Flanders pride, UNESCO world heritage. Discover the very best breweries, pubs, beer restaurants and other must-dos for your trip to Flanders here.

The stories of Flanders

Flanders is a place of a million stories. Here you can find stories about our Arts, Heritage, Beer and Chocolate. Even Flanders Fields war stories.

Borgloon-Grootloon Haspengouw - © Koen De Langhe
Rolling landschape. The eye-catching blossoms, idyllic vines, cherries, apples and pears all make it taste even sweeter. Flanders, a fruity break and a delight.
Het James Ensorhuis - (c) Toerisme Oostende vzw - James Ensorhuis - Nick Decombel fotografie
Arts & Heritage
James Ensor, the artistic patron saint of Ostend. His name is linked to this coastal city. A day in Ostend is a dream introduction to Ensor's universe;
Is walking in your blood? Do you get up early every weekend to scrub your hiking boots for yet another exploration of our countryside? Long-distance routes.
Museum Hof van Busleyden © Sophie Nuytten
Arts & Heritage
When it comes to heritage, Flanders is as rich as the sea is deep.
Het James Ensorhuis ©Toerisme Oostende vzw - James Ensorhuis - Nick Decombel Fotografie
Arts & Heritage
A pioneer, an artistic great and a key figure in modern art history, James Ensor. The legacy of this modern master is spread across the whole world.
Mother and daughter ating Belgian fries at the market square
Delicious, unpretentious and increasingly popular, street food is being recognised as a part of culture. Especially in Flanders.
Rapper op Stap - HI Express 26
Arts & Heritage
Flemish Masters come Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens set the world ablaze in their respective time periods. home of heritage, a canvas for street art.
Beaufort © Westtoer
Arts & Heritage
In Flanders you don't have to choose between contemporary art and experience unspoilt nature. Flanders have them both.
Lommelse Sahara
Where to find Flanders’ hidden flower carpet or a mining site reclaimed by nature? Explore the best views of Flanders through the eyes of a photographer.