Paul Delvaux in Museum d'Ixelles - ©

Paul Delvaux was a famous surrealist painter (Antheit, September 23rd 1897 - Veurne, July 20th 1994).

Paul Delvaux - De Roze Strikken (1937) - Photo Martin Beek - ©

He was influenced early in his career by post-Impressionism and Expressionism (by James Ensor in particular).

He was then introduced to the Surrealist styles of de Chirico and Magritte. Delvaux created his own approach within this movement.
Most of his paintings show nude or semi-nude women in absurd settings.
His graphic works are impressive in their outstanding technique and artistic power of expression.

The Delvaux Museum in Koksijde has an interesting collection of his works.
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