The Virgin and Child with Canon Joris Van der Paele Museum Brugge-Groeningemuseum (c) -Art in Flanders vzw photo Hugo Maertens,

For over 250 years, from the 15th to well into the late 17th century, Flanders was at the forefront of the finest art in Western Europe and the inspiration behind the most famous art movements of the time: Primitive, Renaissance and Baroque. The artists, renowned for their skill, creativity and technical innovation, turned an already rich and urban Flanders into one of the world’s most culturally sophisticated regions, with impressive achievements in both art and architecture.

While many of the works by these Flemish Masters can be admired all over the world, the experience is most powerful in the unique setting of Flanders, where the work was created. You can stroll around the historic setting in which Rubens lived, wander through the landscapes that inspired Pieter Bruegel the elder, and discover a painting by Van Eyck in the exact location it was painted for.

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