Rubens house Interior Antwerp©Tomas Kubes

In Antwerp, the past is linked with the present through arts and artists. Also today, the city and Rubens are still fascinating when it comes to imagination and splendour. Looking for some inspiration? Here are our top seven sights.

Rubens’ house

Rubens’ house – today one of the city’s major museums – was the home of the artist for many years and is a baroque classic. You can visit his studio and see his impressive art collection.

The Cathedral of Our Lady

Not only the cathedral itself is impressive and worth a visit, it also houses prestigious works of art. Four masterpieces of Rubens are on permanent display.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

From 1608 onwards, Rubens worked closely together with Balthasar I Moretus, a childhood friend of his. Rubens designed 24 title pages, illustrated books and painted portraits of the family, which are now part of the museum’s extensive collection.

Saint James’ Church

This is where the artist was laid to rest. Rubens chose the painting for the altar: his own ‘Our Lady surrounded by the saints’.

Saint Charles Borromeo's and Saint Paul’s Churches

Rubens’ talents as an ecclesiastical Baroque architect are clearly visible in the Saint Charles Borromeo's and Saint Paul’s Churches.

Snijders&Rockox House

The former residence of the Antwerp mayor at the time, Nicolaas Rockox, and a friend and patron of Rubens is a treasure trove of Baroque art. It is being transformed into a luxurious art cabinet with top items from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the most important works from the Snijders&Rockox House itself. 

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts is currently closed for renovation. It will re-open in Spring 2019. It’ll be worth the wait as it houses one of the finest Rubens collections in Belgium.

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