Beaufort 2009 © Westtoer

Flanders has an exceptional wealth and variety of small and medium-sized museums, art centres, workshops, galleries, festivals and magazines with international reputations and a keen focus on artists and research.

Modern arts in Flanders has gained importance in recent years

 Ghent 2012 - Work by Mark Manders in the Voortman House © Hans Kerrinckx

Few regions have so many important artists who work and exhibit both in their own country and abroad althoug the art scene in Flanders is just as diverse and complex as the region itself. The great dynamism between artists, organisations and educational institutions is also attracting more and more foreign artists to live and work here on a temporary or permanent basis.

Flanders has become a crossroads of the Roman and Germanic cultures, a key logistic point between Great Britain, Germany and France, and home to the European Community.

Middelheim Museum

Open Air Museum for Sculptures Middelheim - Antwerp

The Middelheim Museum is a unique treasure in the heart of Antwerp in Flanders. The open-air museum and its exceptional setting provide a fascinating overview of more than one hundred years of visual arts. It's been restyled and opens this mid-summer.
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