Picture of An & Filip Vandevorst - Arickx

An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx, the design duo behind AF Vandevorst first met at Antwerp's Royal Academy - Fashion Department in 1987. The couple, now married, have won several awards including the Venus de la Mode.

Prior to starting the collection An Vandevorst worked as first assistant to Dries Van Noten and Filip worked as a freelance designer and stylist

A.F. VANDEVORST shows twice a year during the Paris fashion week and, in addition, also presents all of its new collections in its own showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Berlin.

The pair is known for their deft contrasts in fabrics, textures, and colors, often layering silky lingerie-inspired pieces with tailored jackets, reworked white cotton button-downs, or dramatic capes.

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