Largo Winch

Largo Winch is a Belgian comic book series by Philippe Francq (Brussels) and Jean Van Hamme (Brussels), published by Dupuis.

The comic book series

Largo Winch - The Heir
The principal character is Largo Winch whose birth name is Largo Winczlav. Other important characters include Nerio Winch (his adoptive father), senior Group W executives John D. Sullivan and Dwight E. Cochrane, and his friend Simon Ovronnaz.
In the first two volumes of the series, “The Heir” and “The W Group”, Largo, a young and handsome orphan, is propelled to the head of a business empire, Group W, after his adoptive father Nerio is murdered, and goes through a lot of troubles to preserve his inheritance and avenge Nerio.
The following albums are more or less based on the same basic plot: someone is trying to harm Largo's company or to take control of it from him, and he has to fight that someone to ensure the survival of his holdings.
The stories appear originally in French, and are translated into various languages, including Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish. The series is among the most popular comics series in French, with annual sales of nearly 500,000 copies.

The movie

Largo Winch - The movie

Based on the comic book series, the French film  “Largo Winch” was released in France and Belgium in December 2008, and in the United States in November 2011, where it was nominated for Best International Film at the 2012 Saturn Awards.

Largo Winch trailer

Largo Winch trailer

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