Sign of Cycle nodes in Bruges Ommeland - ©Westtoer

You can cycle through Flanders from one intersection to the next. We've put together a selection of the most beautiful cycle paths into a network, which is a very simple and flexible system.

Cycling couple in Outryve - ©Westtoer

Where two or more cycle paths come together, we call this an intersection. You can cycle a route by following the signs from one numbered intersection to the next. Every intersection is signposted with a rectangular sign. This way you can put together your own route. You decide which intersections you want to go through and how long or demanding your tour is. You can trace out your intended route on a map or the internet and note down the numbers of the intersections in the order you want to take on your trip. And you can always change your route on the way, of course. The possibilities are endless.

For information about our routes, please visit RouteYou or to download the app, search for ‘MyRouteYou Mobile’ (for iPhone)

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