Talbot house - garden

For soldiers who had to live for days at a time in a world of mud and shot-up trees, the garden of Talbot House was an oasis of rest and peace. Tubby, founder of Talbot House, called it "The largest room of the house".

Talbothouse and garden ©Talbot House Archives

In 2013 the entire garden was renovated again. The original structure was kept and the planting was done with a wink to the past. Today, the clean flower beds and twisting paths in the garden still move every visitor.

In honour of the 100th anniversary of Talbot house, a special poppy-like rose has been cultivated. By buying the Talbot House Rose, you support the Talbot House association. This will help to continue to restore the House, rescue original material and educate new generations about the unique story of this place to make sure that it remains the “Every Man’s Club” it was always meant to be.
The rose is for sale at Talbot House and can be ordered from Talbot House: info@talbothouse.be.

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