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Talbot House - Poperinge - ©milo-profi
Discover some activities organised as part of celebrating the centenary of Talbout House.

Launch of the Talbot House Rose - 27 June 2015

The garden was one of the most important aspects of Talbot House.
In honour of the 100th anniversary of Talbot house, a special poppy-like rose has been cultivated. This rose will be officially presented on 27 June and will be inaugurated in the chapel of Talbot House. A baby shower will follow the ceremony.
The rose will be used in the Knollys Rose Ceremony at All Hollows in London on 11 June.
The Knollys Rose Ceremony is held in June each year and is organised by the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames. On that day, one red rose is picked in the garden in Seething Lane and taken – on the altar cushion of All Hallows by the Tower – to the Mansion House, where it is presented to the Lord Mayor. The Talbot House rose will be used in the ceremony in 2015.

‘Come into the garden and forget about the war’ ‘The garden was, so to speak, the largest “room” in Talbot House.’ ‘The garden is lovely, full of roses.’ (P.B. Clayton, 18 June 1917) ‘The garden is fringed with budding roses and flowering lilacs, while behind them great chestnuts and beeches in their early glory provide a perfect minstrels’ gallery for the birds.’ (P.B. Clayton, 24 March 1917)

Celebration week in Talbot House - 11 to 15 December 2015

1) World Chain of Light and 24-hour vigil by Toc H – 11 December 2015
This event, which aims to keep alive the symbolism of Talbot House as a ‘light in the darkness’, is being organised by Toc H. The World Chain of Light will begin with the lighting of an oil lamp in the chapel of Talbot House. This will be followed by a 24-hour vigil from 9 p.m. on Friday to 9 pm on Saturday. During this vigil, lamps will be lit in a number of locations all over the world by the different sections of Toc H. Representatives of other countries will be present in Talbot House. Helen Clark, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008 and has served since then as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, will officially open the festivities. In part because of her family connection with Tubby Clayton, the club is particularly dear to her.

2) Film premiere: Last Witnesses – 12 December 2015
The premiere of the film An Extraordinary Man in the Every Man’s Club will take place in the Talbot House concert hall. For the film, ‘the last witnesses’ were interviewed about Talbot House and Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton, the founder of this Every Man’s Club. As this charismatic man celebrated his own birthday on 12 December, the date also has symbolic significance. After the premiere, there will be plenty of time for a visit to the Talbot House oast room, where Philip Clayton’s post-war residence is being recreated.
3) Opening Tubby’s post-war room
In the oast room of Talbot House, the post-war room of its founder, Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton, will be recreated. The furniture of the original room has been brought over from London and donated to the House. This new chapter in the story of the Old House will provide visitors with information on Tubby’s life after the War and on the current meaning of Talbot House.

4) Signing the new Round Robin - 15 December 2015 Talbot House, Poperinge, and All Hallows, London

At the  House’s ‘Birthday gathering’, held on 15 December 1921, a "Round Robin" measuring over four square feet was signed by all those present. The document contained an address to be read out at the centenary of Talbot House on the fifteenth day of the month of December in the year 2015. The original ‘Round Robin’, sadly, has been lost since the 1970s.
To fulfil the wishes of those who signed it, Talbot House needs all the help it can get to find the ‘Round Robin’. The reward for returning the original document in good condition stands at €1,000.
The signing of a new Round Robin will take place on 15 December 2015. People will be able to sign both in London (All Hallows) and Poperinge (Talbot House). There will be a live webcam link between the two locations. If, for example, you are signing the document in London, you will be able to look inside the chapel at Talbot House, where someone will be signing the other half. 

Piano festival - 16 to 20 December 2015

The Gone West Piano Festival refers to the main instrument used in Talbot House during the Great War. During this festival, visitors will have an opportunity to see both upcoming and famous pianists perform in the town of Poperinge and, of course, in Talbot House itself.

16 December: living-room concerts in Poperinge
17 December: living-room concerts in Poperinge
18 December: Thomas Enhco, Poperinge town hall (Stadhuis), 8 pm
19 December: Jan Swerts, Poperinge town hall (Stadhuis), 8 pm
20 December: Jef Neve, Sint-Bertinuskerk (church), Poperinge, 8 pm

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