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Life Behind the Line in “Pops”

Note – Suitable for groups of 4 to 50 people.
Timings – Available as either a four or six hour or full day format. (Note the full day itinerary is outlined below). 
Summary – Welcome to Poperinge, Belgium’s foremost hop growing and beer brewing town in Flanders Fields.  During WW1, Poperinge was one of the few unoccupied regions of Flanders.  It was a British garrison town or the first stop behind hell.  The town rose to a population of a quarter of a million soldiers from all corners of the globe, which has ensured that the town has a unique and special history.  This tour explores that unique history with a walking tour of the town, a visit to Talbot House (a former recreational club house for all soldiers), a picnic of local produce as well as an opportunity to indulge in some of the town’s special local experiences and culture. 

Itinerary Outline

Walking Tour of Poperinge

During WW1, Poperinge was such a busy centre of activity, that it was referred to at the time as one of seven wonders of the world.  A local storyteller will explore life behind the frontline through both the eyes of soldiers as well as locals and children, sharing some of their personal family histories with the town.  Anecdotes abound about rich tapestry of life in “Pops” during WW1; the breweries, the parties, cafes, even that “other form of entertainment” that thrived in small backrooms.

Talbot House

In 1915, in the heart of Poperinge two Army chaplains Neville Talbot and Philip “Tubby” Clayton opened Talbot House, Every Man’s Club open to all soldiers regardless of rank for rest and recreation.  A local storyteller will guide guests through the historic manor with often hilarious anecdotes and unique memories, re-creating a vibrant picture of what life was like there during WW1.  As was the tradition during the war, tea and coffee are offered to all visitors as they make themselves at home amongst history, after the tour.

Talbot House - Every man's club

Picnic with Local Produce

While at Talbot House, relax and reflect in the lovely gardens with a delicious picnic featuring local produce, including freshly baked bread, meats and cheeses, tasty condiments, farm yoghurt topped off by one of the many local beers.  As you enjoy your picnic, you will be entertained on the historic piano with tunes enjoyed by the troops over 100 years ago.

Beat the Locals at Their Own Game

The best way to meet the locals is the local village pub.  Here’s a unique and special opportunity to participate in some local pub games and activities known as ‘’volksspelen”.  With a glass of local beer or picon in hand, try your hand at something new, only found in Poperinge!

Volkscafe Lege Doorn (c) Westtoer

Ice-Cream Experience: Hops in Pops

Opening in January 2021, explore a new ice-creamery in Poperinge.  All products are locally made with local ingredients.  Tastings abound with many unique flavours specific to this part of Flanders – ice-cream made with beer – yes, only in Belgium!

*Note all components are optional and interchangeable)

Bookings & (price starts at 62 EUR /pp)

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