Marjanne Moonen ©Michael Dehaspe

Marjanne Moonen (33 years old) is a Flanders Kitchen Rebel from Turnhout. Her restaurant is called 'Amu'.

Facts & figures and Cuisine

Amu ©Michael Dehaspe

Facts & figures
Seats: 46

Mediterranean-inspired dishes with excellent ingredients and unexpected flavours. Her cooking is precise and carefully thought out and her dishes are meticulously finished.

Behind the scenes with Marjanne Moonen

Marjanne Moonen©Michael Dehaspe

Ting ting! 
‘I have to have a bell in the kitchen. It’s so important for ensuring smooth service.’

Childhood memories
‘The monthly family gatherings around the table at grandma’s, eating meatballs in tomato sauce together. The ultimate in conviviality!’ 

‘Basil is without doubt by favourite herb! A touch of Italy in your kitchen adds extra warmth.’ 

Cold beer
‘The best thirst-quencher for me is still a cold beer. And it tastes better here than anywhere else in the world!’ 

Sweet Dreams
B&B de Hessie, Heizijde 108, 2300 Turnhout, 

Culinary hero
Matty Van den Brande, Matty (Antwerp)


Patersstraat 79, 2300 Turnhout
+32 (0)14 41 24 89
Closed: Tuesday*, Wednesday, & Saturday lunchtime  
*except the 1st Tuesday of the month

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