Nick Bril

Nick Bril is a Flanders Kitchen Rebel from Antwerp. His restaurant is called 'The Jane'.

Facts & figures and Cuisine

Dish The Jane - ©Michaël Dehaspe

Facts and figures
Gault&Millau rating: 16/20
Michelin: 2 stars
Nombre de couverts: 74

Nick Bril was Sergio Herman’s right-hand man for years. His meals are light and refreshing, exotic and accessible, elaborate and simple, but always extremely creative and surprising.

The essence according to Nick Bril

Nick Bril - ©Michaël Dehaspe

Night Owl
I’m a bit of a night owl. As a DJ, I can really let myself go. That’s real freedom, for me.

Distinctive products
I’m fascinated by distinctive products. Take beer: there are so many different kinds of beer in Flanders. You can really put everything into arriving at the perfect pairing for a dish.

This coffee-flavoured Antwerp sweet has been around since 1924. In more than 90 years, the recipe has never been modified. Never change a winning team, (


The Jane
Paradeplein 1, 2018 Antwerp
T. +32 3 808 44 65
Closed: Monday and Sunday

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