Sam Van Houcke ©Michael Dehaspe

Sam Van Houcke (32 years old) is a Flanders Kitchen Rebel from Hansbeke. His restaurant is called 'Onder de Toren'.

Facts & figures and Cuisine

Restaurant Onder de Toren  ©Michael Dehaspe

Facts and figures
Michelin: 2 couverts (fork and spoon)
Seats: 34

When, in 2013, his chef decided to quit, he took over the restaurant himself. Sam Van Houcke now makes his own mark with global influences and surprising touches, always controlled and very refined.

Sam Van Houcke’s favourite flavours

Sam Van Houcke ©Michael Dehaspe

Boke met choco
Before the lunch service, I always eat a chocolate sandwich. It’s often the first thing I eat that day.’

From the sea
‘Crustaceans and shellfish are the most fun to work with. They are so versatile, that’s what I like about them.’

Vincent Florizoone, Grand Cabaret
‘Vincent has a kind of delightful devil-may-care style, but he does serve up top-class food on every plate. And he has a great flair for cooking with beer!’

Sweet Dreams
B&B De Meetjes, Molenstraat 9, 9850 Hansbeke,


Restaurant Onder de Toren
Hansbekedorp 24, 9850 Hansbeke
+32 (0)9 233 00 09
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday lunchtime

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