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In view of the COVID-19-situation, you will find all the information on the official website
For the latest travel advice to our country, please consult your local authorities. Take good care of yourself and each other and keep it safe and healthy.
We hope to welcome you again soon, with twice the heart, love and hospitality. 

Warm regards,

Pain a la Grècque ©Pieter Heremans

The origins of this golden biscuit go back more than two centuries and as the name might suggest has nothing to do with Greece.

Pain a la Grècque ©Pieter Heremans

It was the Augustine monks from a nearby abbey who gave bread to the poor in the Wolvengracht, a street in Brussels city centre. This bread was called 'bread from the gracht' or grecht in dialect. Over the years, the bread became more refined and known under its current name.

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