Love of food and flavour is in a Fleming’s blood, and good taste is rooted in our DNA. We are living the good life. We have fries, beer and chocolate, but there is so much more to discover. Small-scale microbreweries are emerging, young chefs are innovating in the kitchen with zero waste, experimenting with local ingredients. Chocolatiers are redefining the classic praline, and street food is taking over our streets. 

Expertise and know-how are passed down from parent to child. A creative young generation is breathing new life into our traditions. That’s what keeps our culinary heritage alive.

What better testing ground could there be for the Flanders Kitchen Rebels – a selection of 64 top chefs under the age of 35, with a great passion for Flemish gastronomy.

From the chef’s garden

These young, talented chefs are mixing things up, focusing on serving local produce in the purist way and sealing Flanders’ place as the destination for lovers of fine food. Although many of the ingredients you’ll find in Flanders can be found elsewhere in the world, our chefs love sourcing produce from their local area, or in some cases from their own gardens. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Culinary knowledge and cooking techniques

When it comes to the Flanders Kitchen Rebels, innovation and creativity are the top ingredients in these chefs’ kitchens. Powered by their knowledge and skill, many of these culinary artists are true masters in their field, especially since many have been taught at the very best cookery schools in Flanders. This training has sharpened their product knowledge, cooking techniques and discipline.

In March and October, these Flanders Kitchen Rebels treat young diners between 18 and 30 to unforgettable gastronomy at a knock-down price. There’s a new generation of foodies in town. So, we dare you. Have a bite. Fall in love.

Living well is a way of life for us, where pride, hospitality and conviviality come together

Chef Dennis Broeckx - L’épicerie du Cirque
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