Creative and sustainable cooking

In Flanders you are welcome to enjoy our most famous classic dishes like Vol-Au-Vent, Mussels with fries, beef stew. But don’t think the time stood still. We are blessed with a large number of talented and passionate chefs, who feel very strongly about creativity, innovation and sustainability. Using regional products, fresh seasonal (sometimes forgotten) vegetables and fish caught in a responsible way, they present you these classic dishes with a contemporary - and often even a progressive - twist.

Flemish classics such as sausages, Gentse Waterzooi and shrimp croquettes were even a source of inspiration for our street food chefs

Zero-waste in action

Worldwide, a third of the food we produce is lost. That’s not just a pity, It’s a real shame. So more and more Flemish chefs are trying to limit their ecological footprint. Ever heard of the zero-waste philosophy? Or nose-to-tail cooking? The North Sea Chefs initiative?

Cooking without throwing away as little as possible and striving for a zero-waste kitchen, our Flanders Kitchen Rebel Dennis Broeckx, for example, is fanatical about it. In his restaurant L’épicerie du Cirque, he replaces sumptuous fillets or tenderloins with less obvious cuts of meat, to make use of the whole animal and not just the most desired parts.

I get such a kick when we turn supposed waste into something delicious

Chef Dennis Broeckx - L’épicerie du Cirque

Visit Mary Pop-In in Brussels. This restaurant puts food scraps on the menu, supports social employment and organizes workshops to show people how to make the most of leftovers.. And Wonky in Ghent makes tasty, healthy dips packed with ‘ugly’ vegetables.

The North Sea Chefs initiative

A number of established chefs support the North Sea Chefs initiative. They act as ambassadors and encourage chefs, hobby cooks and consumers to explore unpopular and lesser-known fish, caught by Belgian fishermen, in a responsible way.

Food Waste Awards

It is normal that thirty percent of the endive crop is lost. Things can be done better, thought the Cools family from Zemst, home of the fourth generation of open-ground endive cultivators. They came up with a creative way of processing the outer leaves of the endive harvest into endive croquettes. This gained them a Food Waste Award, plus a particularly tasty croquette in which the flavour of endive comes fully into its own!

Appearance does matter

Many of our Flanders Kitchen Rebels have been taught at the very best cookery schools in Flanders. They learned from the best. A training that sharpened their product knowledge, cooking techniques and discipline. When in Flanders, expect gastronomic craftsmanship of the highest level. And yes, on top of its deliciousness, appearance does also matter. Look at this mouthwatering dishes, created by these young chefs.

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