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In view of the COVID-19-situation, specific safety measures and additional restrictions are currently in place across Belgium. You will find more detailed information on following website. For the latest travel advice to our country, please consult your local authorities.

If you are travelling to Flanders, Brussels or elsewhere in Belgium for a duration of 48 hours or more, you will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form, within the 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium. 

Take good care of yourself and each other and keep it safe and healthy.  

We hope to welcome you again soon, with twice the heart, love and hospitality. 

Please see this infographic for travel information between the UK and Belgium

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Vismarkt Brussels (c) Milo Profi

While street food may be a relatively new word, the phenomenon of eating in the street has long been ingrained in our culture. Quality materials, know-how and hospitality are the pillars of our street food culture.

There’s nothing more beautiful than giving people food made with love. For me, this is the most beautiful sector there is

Chef Wim Ballieu - Balls & Glory

Sausage fair

In the days before fridges, when a pig was slaughtered, people would organise an event at which all the pieces of the meat that couldn’t be kept would be turned into sausages.


Gentse waterzooi

During the Middle Ages, the waters of Ghent were filled with fish. Gentse waterzooi is originally a peasant’s dish based on seven kinds of river fish. Since the 18th century, this typical Flemish meal has been made with chicken, cream and finely chopped vegetables

Ghent Waterzooi ©Kris Jacobs

Shrimp croquettes

Grey shrimps were once eaten at every meal by people living on the coast. Horseback fishermen would catch them with nets from the North Sea and, once ashore, they would be packed into half-kilo (1.1lbs) bags.

Shrimp Croquettes


On cold days, Brussels natives will always find their way to the winkle vans. These are a typical Brussels  phenomenon; for many a long year they’ve been cooked on the street in a warming, herby broth. Every seller prepares them according to their own secret recipe.

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