For such a comparatively small region, Flanders is blessed with a large number of passionate, accomplished chefs: each with their own style and signature dishes. We have one of the world’s highest densities of top-class eateries; allowing gastronomic craftsmanship of the highest level. Local chefs take their influence and inspiration from our exceptional regional produce, phenomenal vegetables and the dedicated artisans in every field who ensure their production. Distinctive crops like endives, asparagus and the hop shoots grown across Belgium allow chefs to get creative with our seasonal vegetables. Without a doubt, food is an essential part of this regions’ history and our identity as Flemings.

Local chefs, world-class hospitality

Fresh, seasonal produce from garden to kitchen can be enjoyed at Gert De Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens’ restaurant Hertog Jan, just one of the 97 Michelin-starred restaurants in Flanders. Subtle flavour combinations and regional produce can also be found at Hof van Cleve; a three Michelin star restaurant run by the great Peter Goossens. If you want proof that food is a religion in Flanders, you need only enjoy a meal at The Jane in Antwerp, where dishes are prepared by Sergio Herman from the altar of a converted church. Meanwhile, you can get a taste of Kobe Desramaults’ seasonal dishes, created following farmers and suppliers, in Chambre Séparée in Ghent. 

Wherever you choose to dine

However, food lovers in Flanders can also find phenomenal dishes outside of Michelin star restaurants. Fantastic quality meals can be enjoyed everywhere from cosy bistros to classy eateries; you’ll experience our chefs’ passion for food wherever you choose to dine.

Creating a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else: that’s fine dining

Chef Gert De Mangeleer - Hertog Jan
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