Diamond ring - Antwerp - ©Guy Kleinblatt

Diamonds: raw and pure in all its facets. Magical and extremely precious. Diamonds are without a doubt the most iconic jewels in the world. Would you like to know more about them? The diamond industry in Flanders is a success story spanning centuries. It's not without reason that diamond-lovers from all corners of the world favour Antwerp's perfectly symmetrical polished diamonds.

DIVA is the museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver in Antwerp. Step inside for a unforgettable journey through the rich history of diamonds and goldsmithing in Antwerp and learn about the trade and consumption of luxury goods and the skills involved in making them.

DIVA, a brilliant story

DIVA Diner room/Eetkamer - (c) Frederik Beyens

DIVA's permanent collection takes you on a time travel journey through 550 years of diamonds, jewellery and silver. The different rooms each bring a different element to the fore. Discover the exotic nature of luxury articles, the makers and the craft behind these objects, Antwerp's position as the diamond capital of the world, ethical issues surrounding diamonds, how to distinguish real from fake and, above all, immerse yourself in the beauty of the pieces.

Golden Diamonds in Antwerp - ©Guy Kleinblatt

Antwerp has been the centre of diamond trade worldwide for more than 500 years! In Antwerp you will find 70 nationalities who are active in the diamond industry. 84% of the world's raw diamonds pass through the city on the Scheldt and 50% of all cut diamonds find their way to this city.

Diamond cutting - © Ilse Dekeulenaer
The heart of the diamond industry is based in the Diamond District at Central Station in Antwerp. It is primarily Jewish and Indian diamond merchants that cut the precious stones into all their different forms. This melting pot of nationalities creates a unique atmosphere and a fair amount of multicultural restaurants.

Antwerp's Most Brilliant

Antwerp's most brilliant

Diamond purchasers are always on the lookout for the best quality diamonds, which is why the quality label Antwerp’s Most Brilliant was created. The jewellers who have earned this label have had to meet 30 strict quality standards, bolstering Antwerp's reputation as a world centre for diamonds. Thanks to this label you can buy jewellery confidently. These are the jewellers who have gained the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label.

Bruges: the oldest diamond centre in Europe

Diamonds in Diamond Museum Bruges © Tourism Bruges-JanDarthet

You can take your diamond tour further in the beautiful city of Bruges. The Diamant Museum in Bruges illustrates the rich history of the city as the oldest diamond centre in Europe. Every day there are demonstrations during which you can see the unique diamond-cutting technique of Bruges. 

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