Quality, authenticity, natural ingredients and above all a never-ending passion for biscuits. These were and still are the trumps of Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper. In 1886, when Jules Destrooper set up his biscuit company bearing the same name, he could never have imagined that exactly 125 years later, people of all ages from more than 75 different countries would be fond of these biscuits.On the occasion of our 125 years of experience, the visitors' centre was established in July 2011. The visitor immerses himself in the rich history of the family company and the evolution of this world-famous biscuits. History is not the only subject matter here. You obtain professional explanations and interesting news about the way these approved regional products are fabricated. Of course, you can also have a taste of the traditional biscuits and of a number of new products. In short, come to Lo and discover the secret behind a Jules Destrooper-biscuit.


Gravestraat 5
8647 Lo


+32 58 28 09 33

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