Family-friendly, interactive museum where you are encouraged to touch objects. As soon as you enter the archaeological museum, you discover the past under your feet. You see what the people of Bruges ate, how they lived, where they worked and how they were buried. By constantly making a link to today’s world, it quickly becomes clear what the archaeological finds were used for. Old crafts are also looked at: children can dress up in colourful clothing, you can stroll through tanneries, feel the heat of a brick oven or decorate the main export of Bruges: elaborately decorated earthenware. In short, the ideal family activity, where 'Pol de Mol' takes you and your children on a journey through the world of archaeology. This museum juxtaposes prehistory, Roman times, and the early, high and late Middle Ages with our time. Under the motto 'Feel the past under your feet' you discover the past of the city through all sorts of do-and-search elements.


Mariastraat 36
8000 Bruges


+32 (0)50 44 87 43

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