This international music and art centre is one of the 1001 buildings you must see before you die. This international music and art centre is a place that offers the very best in contemporary dance and classical music. The impressive Concert Auditorium (1,289 seats) and intimate Chamber Music Hall (322 seats) are famed for their excellent acoustics. In the Concert Hall, you can also admire various contemporary works of art. And why not take a look behind the scenes during the day by following the Concertgebouw Circuit. An original experience trail takes you on an expedition through the modern Concert Hall. Learn how the concert hall works, be impressed by its famous acoustics, marvel at its contemporary art collection or perhaps even get started with a little sound art yourself! The children can collect stamps by completing tasks during a playful kid’s trail. The icing on the cake is the rooftop terrace on the seventh floor with a breathtaking panoramic view over the city. Learn more about the musical and artistic qualities of the Concert Hall! Concertgebouw, where you can enjoy concerts, plays and dance performances, also has a nice city bar. Perfect for those who want to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon or enjoy a glass of wine at night. Info Office ‘t Zand, situated in the centre of Bruges at the Concertgebouw, is the central info and reservation point for tourism and culture.


'T ZAND 34
8000 Bruges



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