Discover DIVA and enter a stunning universe of diamonds, jewels, and silver and goldsmithing. Unique craftsmanship, captivating tales, compelling emotions and fascinating stories await you in this museum devoted to diamonds. DIVA’s Wonder Room brings together luxury items from all corners the globe. You can learn where all this craftsmanship came from in the Studio, where diamonds are united with the skills of the silver/goldsmiths. In the Trading Room, a number of diamond traders will take you on a journey through history where you will discover the importance of Antwerp as a world centre for diamond trading. The Dining Room illustrates the consumption of luxury at the table. In the Safe Room, you will find out more about the authenticity and ethics of diamonds and silver/goldsmithing. Finally, you’ll be blown away by the dazzling collection of jewels in the Boudoir.


Suikerrui 17-19
2000 Antwerp



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