The Groeninge Museum presents a rich and enthralling overview of six centuries of Flemish, Dutch and Belgian painting: from Jan Van Eyck to Marcel Broodthaers. One of the heights is the world famous collection of Flemish Primitives, works by several renaissance and baroque masters, a collection of 18th and 19th-century neo-Classical and Realistic works, milestones of Belgian Symbolism and Modernism, masterpieces of Flemish Expressionism and an alternating display from the collection of modern art after 1940-1945. All in all a splendid and valuable overview of six centuries of Flemish, Belgian and Dutch painting housed in a Neo-Roman building from 1929-1930 with an adjacent 19th-century chapel. According to lots of art critics this is the most beautiful collection of ancient art in the Low Countries. The museum was thoroughly renovated according to a very daring concept of a young Flemish architectural firm.


Dijver 12
8000 Bruges


+32 (0)50 44 87 43

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