The Groentemuseum, 't Grom, is the first museum in Flanders to showcase vegetables and horticultural heritage. It aspires to introduce the general public to sustainable horticulture and horticultural heritage in a playful and interactive way. It also aims to inform and encourage visitors to eat healthy food and vegetables. Located on an 18th-century farming site in 't Grom, you will discover all kinds of forgotten horticultural material. You can literally descend into the earth, discover how to grow vegetables, and see what attacks plants. You can listen to fairy tales, decipher proverbs, and learn all about the origin of vegetables. You will also learn about healthy food and our food culture, and you can use the cooking island and the meeting room. Outside, in the beautiful gardens, you can walk around and look at typical greenhouses from the region, all kinds of vegetables in the vegetable garden, a weather station, an insect hotel and a beehive.


Midzelen 25 A
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver


+32 15 31 50 55

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