From 1384 up to 1530 Flanders lived through its very own Golden Age. The Burgundians ruled over Flanders and let a new wind blow. The Burgundian century stood for wealth, creativity and refinement. A new renaissance radiated across the whole of Europe. Mechelen was the capital of this empire and was an irresistible attractive force to influential thinkers, makers and doers of that era. Prominent people such as Charles the Bold, Charles V, Thomas More, Gerardus Mercator and Rembert Dodoens. Hof van Busleyden, a stately city palace in the heart of Mechelen, introduces you to that priceless heritage. You’ll feel the Burgundian court culture as if you were there, in between the authentic masterpieces of Flemish and other masters. Hof van Busleyden looks back to that glorious history of the city, and thinks about days to come.


2800 Mechelen


+32 (0)15 29 40 30

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