The Toy Museum displays toys of all times and from around the world, on an area of 7000 m² and you can walk through beautifully designed decors, which emphasize the value and the beauty of the displayed objects The museum has lots of old pieces, but is still very interactive. You literally step into a painting by Peter Bruegel, see trains from a 1/220 scale to life size and experience the battle of Waterloo with Napoleon. There are several departments that are regularly renovated or replaced. The following are on display at the moment: traditional children's games and Pieter Bruegel, miniature transport, mechanical and tin toys, construction toys, cuddly toys, soldiers and model making, dolls and doll's houses, party games and jigsaws, toys from around the world, creative and educational toys, circus and fancy fairs, trains.


Nekkerspoelstraat 21
2800 Mechelen


+32 (0)15 55 70 75

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