Discover everything on the history of the city of Ypres in the Yper Museum. Well known as a global symbol of First World War remembrance, but there is so much more. Did you know the history spans eleven centuries? From being an important cloth trading location to a thriving medieval metropolis and fortified city. From a religious and military hub, to a city destroyed by war and rebuilt as a City of Peace... Ypres was and is all of this. In a fun and interactive way, the museum tells the story of 11 centuries of ups and downs. Dig deeper in the fascinating history and learn the story of the birth of the city and the many rebirths after yet another disaster that stroke Ypres and its inhabitants. A cat paw bracelet makes a visit to the Yper Museum personal, playful and attractive for the youngest of the family!


8900 Ypres


+32 (0)57 239 220

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