The provincial domain of Het Leen is a wooded domain that has about 30kms of walking trails running through it. Of these, 13 km are sealed and wheelchair friendly. In the Woods Information Centre located at ground level, you can visit the permanent 'Bos-Boom-Hout' (Woods-tree-wood) exhibition, which has a multimedia presentation or books from our library for supporting information. Here you can also ask for the brochure with all of the sealed walking trails highlighted in it for the ‘Lichtend bos'-path walk. The Leen also includes an arboretum with a collection of more than 8000 plants. This also has a (dolomite) pathway woven through it. The reception pavilion of the arboretum is easy to visit in a wheelchair. There is a dial-a-bus stop next to the cafeteria. The cafetaria itself is also easily accessible.


Gentsesteenweg  80
9900 Eeklo


+32 9 376 74 74

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