The Atlantik Wall military defence bunkers are one of the top attractions on the coast and one of the three museums in the Provincial Domain of Raversyde. A unique set of bunkers and trenches from the First and Second World Wars. The museum is the ideal place to gain an impression of what it was like on the “Longest Day”. The Prince Charles Memorial is a reminder of the period when the Prince Regent stayed on the estate. The Walraversijde archaeological site (ANNO 1465) goes even further back in time and allows you to experience a 15th century fisherman’s life. Raversyde Nature Park has been beautifully landscaped recently. It is the only piece of nature area located close to the sea, the ideal location for a breath of fresh air, to unwind completely and allow all the impressions of Raversyde to settle.


8400 Oostende


+32 59 70 22 85

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