In 1507, Margaret of Austria moved to Mechelen, after becoming governess of the territory. Under Margaret, Mechelen became the capital of the Low Countries. Her newly-built city palace, Court of Savoy, was one of the first buildings with Renaissance elements in the Low Countries. It was designed by the prominent Mechelen architects Antoon and Rombout Keldermans. The court was a meeting place for humanists, scientists and artists. In 1616, the Great Council moved into the building. Until then, it had held its sessions in the Aldermen’s House. Since the nineteenth century, the building is occupied by the court of first instance. Margaret’s coat of arms is still displayed on the façade, longside her cousin’s, Emperor Charles V, and a sculpture of Lady Justice.


Keizerstraat 20
2800 Mechelen


+32 (0)15 29 76 54

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