Work started on the present-day cathedral as early as the thirteenth century. It was consecrated in 1312 and construction on St. Rumbold’s Tower commenced around 1450. In 1559, the church became a cathedral, a church where the archbishop has his “seat”. The cathedral has many stunning artworks, starting with the Gothic choir and the tombs of the archbishops. The coats of arms of the knights who participated in the Fifteenth Chapter meeting of the prestigious Order of the Golden Fleece, in 1491, presided by the thirteen-year old duke, Philip the Good, also hang here. St. Rumbold’s Tower is the quintessential symbol of Mechelen. The founding stone of this imposing monument was laid in 1452. Originally, the tower was supposed to stand 167 metres tall, but construction stopped in the early sixteenth century at 97 metres. The city’s most important documents were preserved here and the bells sounded the alarm in case of imminent danger. The panoramic view from the top of the tower made it easy to spot any threat.


2800 Mechelen


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