The Zimmer Tower complex consists of the Zimmer tower and the Zimmer pavilion and can easily be considered unparalleled in the world. Louis Zimmer (1888-1970) is the inventor of the Jubilation Clock, the Astronomic Studio and the Wonder Clock. He designed the Jubilation Clock on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Belgian independence in 1830. He later donated it to his birth city Lier. The clock was installed in the renovated medieval Cornelius tower, which was soon named the Zimmer tower. On the first floor of the tower he organised an Astronomic Studio, consisting of 9 sections and 57 graphic astronomic plates. They provide visitors with a figurative insight in the perfect order of the universe. The Wonder Clock is positioned in a pavilion next door. This clock is unique and compelled great admiration at the World Exhibitions of 1935 in Brussels and 1939 in New York.


2500 Lier


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