The ancient Heverlee Forest (590 ha) is located just south of Leuven, on the east side of the Dyle Valley, in the transition area between the Brabant Loam Region and the Hageland, in the territory of Oud-Heverlee, Heverlee and Vaalbeek. It is part of a forest complex of approximately 3,000 hectares (Meerdaal Forest, Egenhoven Forest and municipal forests). In World War II Heverlee Forest was largely cut down, but afterwards the sandy loam soils were fortunately replanted with conifers and deciduous trees. There are playgrounds and parking spaces and beautiful lanes where you can walk. One of the paths, the arboretum path, is 1.2 km long and wheelchair accessible. The arboretum is definitely worth a visit. Here you can get to know more than 300 different tree and shrub species. The rectangular plots between the lanes are called ‘fences’. They have often received colourful popular names, such as Jong Everzwijn (‘Young Boar’), Maagd (‘Virgin’), Dronkaards (‘Drunkards’), and the like. More beautiful names: lily of the valley, wood anemone and slim primrose bloom here in great numbers. On the more sandy soils, the herbaceous layer is composed of purple moor grass, heather and bilberry. Of all animals, the birds are the most conspicuous. As for mammals, deer, rabbit, fox, weasel, polecat and wood mice live here.


3050 Oud-Heverlee


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